Anime – That’s Cartoons in Which the Characters Have Yellow and Spiky Hair, Right?

Anime – That’s Cartoons in Which the Characters Have Yellow and Spiky Hair, Right?

berserk anime

If you hear anime the 1st image to cross your brain will in all probability be an image of girls with skimpy clothing and enormous eyes, or maybe a teenage boy with unruly hair and super powers. Although this is not just a wrong interpretation there exists far more to anime than that.

In anime you can find demographics that go over different target audiences. The ones with all the descriptions above are most likely to get shounen, that’s basically anime directed at boys. Then there’s the fluffy sort of anime with princesses and magic, the actual shoujo demographic for anime targeted at girls. However there is certainly two more demographics which are often overlooked because of the fact the market is just not nearly as mainstream as the two former – those two being seinen and josei. They may be aimed towards teenagers in their twenties, respectively younger ladies in their twenties and above, which means that their targeted at a more mature audience.

Examples: Berserk is often a manga (and animated as anime as well), to make use of an illustration, published inside the “Young Animal” magazine. It’s a magazine directed at teenage boys that contains lots of violence and gore, and thus it is just a seinen magazine. Berserk itself contains an intriguing plot about hardship and betrayal offered lots of disturbing scenes involving rape and violence. NANA is often a manga (and then an anime) serialized within the magazine “Kiss” that’s geared towards younger ladies. The works published inside the magazine often contain romance, intrigues, infidelity and heartbreak, and therefore one can conclude that it is josei magazine, since NANA contains several of these elements at the same time. In conclusion: next time you hear the word anime, or maybe to be the vivid anime fan you are the next time you hunt for anime to view, consider revising the picture you will get in mind. Take into consideration that anime can be a medium, similar to films or TV series, and therefore within the medium many expressions exist – for both younger and older audiences, for females and men etc.

berserk anime


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